Heart in the Vagina

I had drinks with some girlfriends last night and the expression “Heart in the Vagina” came up.  The concept is one all too familiar to us women. It’s when we are intimate with a guy and get emotionally attached.  Oh yeah, I’ve been there.  More times than I can count.   The expression is not only funny, it’s apt.

I don’t even know why this happens to us and not to men.  Hormones? DNA? Stupidity? Who knows?  To be honest, I’m sick of trying to understand the  man/woman dynamic, especially when it comes to dating.  Right now I don’t even care anymore.  I’ m just going to admit that we are built very differently in so many ways and it just is what it is.  I know it, so I should no longer be surprised by it.

This leads me to something I’ve been thinking about lately. Or rather someone. Vixen.

Oh Vixen, you complex yet incredibly simple creature.  (Don’t know about Vixen?) In all truthfulness, she has really only come into her own in the last year and I’m still getting to know her.  Many women struggle with being completely at ease with their Vixen.  Personally, my comfort level with her fluctuates but I like her.  A lot.  She’s edgy, kind of a badass and confident. She’s a ton of fun and letting go of  my “good girl”  is incredibly freeing.

Most of the time, she still only comes out full force when it’s safe to do so.  She’s tempered by Heart and my Wise Woman so it’s not a free for all!  Let’s be clear, Vixen isn’t just about sex.  She’s about being flirty, sexy, confident with your sensuality and powerful within yourself.  This is my time to get to know my Vixen better.  I’ve always been envious of those women who seem so comfortable and confident in their sexuality.  I’m happy to say that I’m working on it.  I don’t regret any of the crazy Vixen-led stuff I’ve done this past year.  It’s been fun, hilarious, and educational….vanilla to some of you, out there  to some others.  (Oh so many stories!) Yeah, she’s a risk taker – usually risking Heart, which can be scary.   But the way I see it, it’s all part of the journey I’m on.  So I say, bring it on Vixen and let’s see what happens.

Back to “heart in the vagina” for a moment….I’ve also been asking myself if Vixen can reach her full power without Heart by her side.  I don’t know. That seems like a much more complicated question. One I may tackle another time.  I’m not there yet.

In the meantime, vajazzle anyone?


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